A lot of you guys asked me about this outfit so I’m sharing the details!

Winter is probably my least favorite season because of how cold it is. I know a lot of people love winter for fashion and layering. But for me, I like sticking to casual, single layers. The idea of putting on several pieces makes me feel very stuffy and uncomfortable with moving around. I’ve tried it many times before but I guess I haven’t found what works for me yet. Instead of putting on a bunch of layers, I usually go for thick sweaters that can keep me warm.

IMG_4693 IMG_4657

Recently, I stumbled upon this Grey Sweater from ASOS and loved how it looked. The knit details, curved hem, and turtleneck has been exactly what I’ve been looking for. After receiving it in the mail, it looked and felt even better! The fit was perfect and it was thick enough to keep me warm during 40-degree weather this past weekend.

I wore it with my black Acne Studios jeans and New Balance trainers. All the product links are down below!

IMG_4708 IMG_4787

IMG_4705IMG_4762 IMG_4794

Product Details

ASOS WHITE Gray Knit Sweater with Curved Hem
Acne Studios Jeans
New Balance 574 Classic
Beara Beara Mini Leather Backpack

Photography by @Kylesensei

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