See the finish look of my bedroom!

I moved in a year ago and I finally finished decorating my bedroom!  For the first half of the year, I kept my room very minimal with nothing but bare basics. During that time, my room looked and felt very boring.  I wasn’t happy with it so I’ve been on a mission to give it a makeover.  This is my very first time doing any interior design so I’m not an expert in home décor at all.  But it’s been super exciting to design my own space and seeing it come to life.  I’ll be sharing before and after photos in this post!



BEDROOM AFTERbedroom1-after


After switching out the bedding, adding in a few things, and cleaning out my room, it became much more vibrant.  How crazy is that? The details made a huge difference and I’m obsessed with how it looks now.  I like that my room is still kind of minimal with all the white and floor space.  However, the pops of color, pattern, and furnishing of the empty spaces make my room feel more like home.



Bedding Details

If you saw in my last bedroom post, I actually upgraded all of my bed basics to high quality product and dreamy white bedding. But knowing how messy I am and how I won’t be able to keep them clean, I got some bedding from Cstudio Home (a company I actually work for) to protect the core.  


I love that I can still keep most of my bedding white with a duvet cover and pillow cases.  It’s easier to protect my comforter and pillow that way  keeping the core clean and usable for years down the line.  It’s also great to know that if I wanted to, I can switch up the look by changing the duvet cover and pillow cases anytime.


Clothing Rack & Floating Shelves

Remember how my wall used to be super empty? Not anymore 🙂 I put a clothing rack there to display clothing that I wear often or plan on wearing.  The rack and hangers are all from Ikea.  The floating shelves are from Lowes.



Hope you enjoyed my bedroom makeover/tour! I’m going to list main products below.  If I didn’t list something you wanted to know about, leave a comment and I’ll give you the product details!

Bedding: Sheets, Duvet Cover(sold out), Geo Pillow Cover, Lattice Pillow Cover from Cstudio Home / Blue Blanket from BJ’s

Décor: Wall Art, plants, curtains from Home goods / Baymax from Disney store

Furniture: Clothing Rack / Floating Shelves /  Chair / Desk

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  1. Sooo nice but still simple! You look so comfy on that bed haha >w<. Love your blog posts!!

    • Hang

      hahah thank you so much!! appreciate you for tuning in!

  2. you’re literally such an inspiration
    i love you so much <33333

  3. All those shots needs to be in some kind of ikea room lookbook haha!
    Your bedroom is really giving me such a beach vibe. Such a peaceful and in a way refreshing vibe
    Really love how you designed it!!!

    • Hang

      Hahaha thanks Jen!! Your observation is very on point bc that’s exactly what I was going for 🙂

  4. I see you reading a book in one of the photos i would love it if you made a book recommendations post, I’ve been looking for some new books to read. Also this is such an aesthetically pleasing room everything ties together so seamlessly.

    • Hang

      omg that’s such a great idea! I’m gonna write this down and plan a book recommendations post in the near future.

  5. I see you reading a book in one of the photos i would love it if you made a book recommendations post, I’ve been looking for some new books to read.

    • Hang

      Haha! Bedroom makeovers are so fun, you totally should!!

  6. Hey just wondering is that all the clothes u have?! Hahahaha I really am curious how you manage your clothes and keep it so neat and minimal. Haha. Maybe a blog post with tips on that would be great? My biggest stuggle in keeping my room neat is my huge pile of clothes and wardrobe T.T

    • Hang

      I usually hide all of my mess in the closet and just clothes the door so it gives an illusion that my room is still nice and neat! I’ll definitely keep your blog post idea in mind though. Sounds like a good idea to write about! Haha.

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