Accomplish your goals with these strategies and learn time management.

For many years, I wrote down lists of goals but had a tough time accomplishing any of them.  Life was busy and I didn’t have time.  Or at least that’s what I used to believe.  The problem is we can’t get more time by wishing for it but we can control how we spend our day and manage time.  When we control our schedule, we control our time, and we can get closer to our goals.

Either you run the day, or the day runs you. – Jim Rohn

Most of us work 9-5 or go to school during the day.  The hours can vary but let’s say 10 hours of our day is dedicated to work plus commute, and then 8 hours is spent to sleep.  If we do the math, 18 hours of our day goes to necessities then we have 6 hours left to spend on ourselves.  How have you been spending those 6 hours?  If you’re anything like me, those hours go towards watching kdrama, relaxing, scrolling on Instagram, chatting with friends, or going out to eat.  These activities sound very reasonable after a long day of work.  However, these activities add up time and before we know it, we don’t have time to do other things that we made a goal for like… exercising to get those abs we’ve been wanting for years.

To get focused and closer to my goals, I had to become more conscious of how I was spending my time and choose wisely.

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Strategies to accomplish goals:

  1. Make goals measurable with numbers.
    • Not all goals can be measured but if it’s possible, make it measurable with numbers. For example, instead of writing down “get fit”, write down how much muscle you want to gain or how much body fat you want to lose.  It’s easier to track progress that way.
  2. Break down goals into small stepping stones.
    • Nothing happens overnight so it’s important to be patient and work towards your goal little by little.  For example, if you’re working on a website, you can work on a small parts of the website a day.  That might be choosing out brand colors one day, typography the next, and designing the homepage on another.  As long as you do something everyday, you’re getting closer to getting it done.
  3. Forget about the end result, enjoy the process.
    • If you think about the end result when you’re not there yet, it’s easy to feel discouraged.  Forget about the end result and keep pushing.
  4. When you get a momentum going, keep at it.  If you break it, it’ll be hard to get back in the zone.
    • For example, if you exercised 4 days in a row, you feel great! But then you miss one day, then two, then three, and the days continue to go by.  It’s hard to get back in the zone because you broke the momentum so if you have a one going, try not to break it.
  5. Map out the year.
    • Similar to breaking down big goals into smaller ones, mapping out the year can help you plan ahead so you’re not just “going with the flow”. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but if you have a goal, you need a direction.  Mapping out the year can help you stay on the right track.  If a year is too much, try out a day ahead then a month, or 6 months in advance.


Time and repetition are the keys to accomplishing your goals.

I’ve found that the more disciplined I became with my time and actions, the more I got closer to accomplishing my goals… Like writing this blog post right now!  I still watch kdrama but that comes at night when I’m all ready for bed.  It’s good to relax and have fun but I don’t spend all 6 hours on that.  I’ve realized that productivity and accomplishing my goals are what ultimately makes me happy so that’s my priority.

Start running the day.  Don’t let it run you.


Photography by Kylesensei

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  1. Hi Hang! I followed you on Instagram recently which lead me to your blog. I’ve been reading a couple of your posts and I would like to say how helpful, relatable, and informative they all are – especially this one (have been struggling lately with goals and things I want to accomplish)! I can’t wait for more posts <3 (keep it up!!)

    • Hang

      Thank you so much! I appreciate your following and reading. So glad these posts are helpful ☺️

  2. I’m so happy that you finally posted something because I’ve been waiting for a blog post for years haha 💛

    • Hang

      Omg! Hahaha so sorry! I’m going to update frequently again. Thanks for waiting 🙂

  3. Hang! Love your blog. <3
    Please make a blog post or vlog about the kind of exercise routines you currently follow. Pllleeease. 🙁

    • Hang

      Thanks babe!

      I’m going to try but I honestly don’t have a routine. Many of the exercises I do are from watching it on youtube. 😅

  4. Hi Hang 🙂

    Normally i don’t like those motivation stuff, but you are true inspiration! Thank you for cheering me up with your posts. Hope we can meet one day.

    I would like to see more nerdy stuff, i think it’s also a part of you!

    What’s the theme of your blog (your own)?
    Which hoster do you prefer?
    What is your camera equipment etc..

    • Hang

      Aw! Thanks so much!! I really appreciate your compliments and feedback. I’ll think about the nerdy stuff hahaha.

  5. I’ve been so busy but on the subway rn heading to work while reading this. I didn’t forget!

    #3 is my biggest problem..I EASILY get discouraged to the point I go into my emo phase lol… But I’m learning how to work on forgetting about the end result.

    Love this post and the shots are amazing!! ❤

    • Hang


      You’re the Jen & yes #3 is tough but you got this!! 😌

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