It’s that time of the year to celebrate accomplishments! 

As a family member or friend, it’s a joy to celebrate our loved one for completing their education and congratulate them on moving forward. Recently, my youngest brother graduated high school and my best friend got her masters degree.  I used to struggle so much on what to gift people for their graduation but I finally came up with some graduation gift ideas so I thought I’d share!

5 Grad Gift Ideas

Something that supports their career choice.

Find out what tools are useful for their career.  For example, if they’re becoming a nurse, a great gift could be a stethoscope.  If they want to become a photographer, a camera, lens, or editing app would be nice.  If they wish to be an entrepreneur, books on how to be one and become successful could be helpful.


Journal and Planner

I know many people rarely use a journal or planner but I really reallllllly encourage to the use of them.  Especially if the graduate is still figuring life out.  It’s a place where they can write down ideas and thoughts that they can explore.  They’ll eventually find who they are and what they like by journaling.  Help them organize their day, goals, and future plans with a planner.  They’ll NEED it (you need it too if you’re not using these now).

Gift Card 

If you’re not sure what to give your graduate, you can always give them a gift card to their favorite store and they can pick out what they like!

Business Bag, Folder, or Attire

If they’re entering the real world, they’ll need to present themselves professionally at interviews.  Last year, I bought my best friend a personalized leather folder with her initials on it and she told me she uses it often because it’s so handy.  You can also get them things like a tie, watch, dress shoes, or something along those lines where they can wear it to work or interviews.



They’ve worked hard during the whole semester so give them wine to celebrate and loosen up! It’s time for them to relax and finally have some fun! You can send 4 bottles of wine right to their doorstep for only $27 on  Use code ‘hang25‘ to redeem this offer with free shipping.

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