Learn these simple tips and you can never go wrong. 


Tip #1 : Wear colors that complement your skin tone.

Explore different colors and shades to see what matches your skin tone the most.   I’ve read some articles about which colors generally look good in cool, warm, and neutral skin tone but the suggestions never worked out for me so I won’t recommend it.   I think trying on clothes is the best way to find out because 1) it’s a color you actually like so you’ll feel confident when wearing it and 2) you’ll actually see what it looks like on you.  After finding these colors, you can try to color block outfits with them.


Tip #2: Wear the flattering color in your top.

Why? Because this color complements your skin and flatters your face the most so if you color block with another color that doesn’t suit your complexion as much, its OK!! Usually clothes would already cover up your body but your face, neck, chest, and arms are exposed so that’s why it’s important to wear the most flattering color on top.


Tip #3: Grab a color wheel.

Basic color theory will show you what colors work together.  When you color block an outfit, the wheel can help you choose colors from the same family, colors opposite from each other, triadic colors, and many other schemes you can try.  Check out Color Harmonies on Color Tiger for more information.


 If you read up on the color wheel, can you guess which scheme I used for this oufit? 😛

Outfit Details: Top: ASOS, Bottom: ASOS, Cardigan: Thrifted, Sneakers: Kenneth Cole 

ANSWER: A split-complementary color scheme with burnt orange, yellow, and blue.

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  1. Always on point with style! YT Video idea: what advice would you give to young people in KC trying to move and break into new industries? The market is saturated and wanted your insight on coming from a smaller city. If you don’t mind.

    • cloudedhue

      This is hard to answer because I don’t know what market you’re referring to. My advice is to simply work hard, do more, and be consistent. This can be applied to anything you do.

  2. You can rock all the colors of the rainbow 🌈

    Also you gotta film a lookbook video! If you got time of course haha

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