It’s been 5 months since I’ve moved in and I am finally finished with my living room space!

I think the best part about moving in with absolutely nothing is the joy of furnishing.  This is my first apartment so I was excited to curate a comfortable environment and express who I am through the interior of my home.  As a fan of minimalism, I focused on buying things that I needed, not wanted.  This helped save money and keep my living room clutter-free.  If you’re moving into a new place or looking for some interior inspirations, read on to see my how I designed my living room and the product details.


The Diverse Chair

I love the chicness of this futon chair and how comfortable it is.  It can sit alone and look/feel great but I usually have decor pillows and a blanket to make it cozier for Kyle to study on.  It’s also convenient that it can transform into a bed so if I have a guest staying over, they can have a bed to sleep on.  I usually like to dress it up in sheets, pillows, and blankets for my guest.


The FOCUS corner

Frequently, I find myself sitting at this corner to read and do my work so I named it the focus corner.  It was purchased to match my futon but it is actually hard as a rock.  To make it softer and comfortable to sit on, I added fur throws on the seat which fixed the issue.  The side table is placed between the two chairs so magazines and books are easily accessible when anyone wants to read.  Additionally, Baymax is also on the floor because Kyle bought it for me as a gift.  The plush is sometimes my foot rest and I’ve seen others lean on him, use him as a bean bag, or a pillow.


THE library

My goal with this bookshelf is to fill it up with books! For now, it holds some of my clutter in the black bins, bags that I carry on a daily, and our camera.  I have a bad habit of misplacing things so I’ve started a system of “just put it in the box”.  By doing so, I am able to remember and find my things because it is all in the box or on this shelf.  Eventually, the bags will be placed in its correct spot and this place will be filled with just our books and journals to serve as a mini library for Kyle and I.


warmth all year ’round

If you guys noticed, I always have my Christmas lights up at night.  The reason is because I don’t have any light fixtures so the Christmas lights + a lamp was the best solution that I came up with.  I love that the light is warm with an orange and yellow tint to give off a welcoming feel.  It really tops off the space at night.  Additionally, I also opted to buy a projector to enjoy anime, kdrama, and movie nights with Kyle and my friends.  I think its a great alternative to a tv since I don’t watch it much and spend most of my time working and reading during the day.  Last but not least, I also wanted to mention my rug because hands down, it is what makes me LOVE the living room so much.  The rug is what makes me feel most at home and comfortable.  I love sitting on the floor and get so many compliments on it.  If I went really minimal and only had a couple things in my living room, this rug would be one of them.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this living room tour as much as I enjoyed sharing and curating it!  If you guys have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me.  I appreciate them  🙂

Rug / Futon (Local Furniture Store) / Side Table / Side Chair / Fur Throws (Gift From a Friend) / Bookshelf / Mirror / Plants (ikea) / Baymax (Disney Store) / Bedding & Decor Pillows / Lamp

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  1. I live here foreva, you can never kick me out

  2. Ahh! The plant totally makes the living room more ‘alive’. My favorite color is green, so having it against a very minimalistic space is beautiful~ 💕 The air in your room is gonna be nice and clean 😊

    Btw legs looking long 🔥👌 and I cracked up when I saw Kyle wrapped up like a burrito lol didn’t even notice him at first.

    • cloudedhue

      I feel the same way about the plants!!

      And lmao at Kyle bc he’s literally wrapped up like that all the time 😂

  3. Amimes amd Dramas are life 😍 Ans you living room is a lovely place de chill and watch tem 😄👌🏽

  4. This looks so cozy! I love the projection wall too 👌🏽 The pictures and whole article are done really well :^) I’ll definitely use your ideas as inspiration for my own space

    • cloudedhue

      omg yay! so happy to hear that :’)

  5. The projector is a wonderful idea! Do you have it installed or is it a portable one?

      • If you don’t mind me asking, what is the name of your projector? I’ve been finding one that has good quality, wifi, and one that can be seen even in daylight hrs. It’s cause this seems to look rly great!

        • cloudedhue

          Hey love, I wouldn’t recommend my projector if you want all of that. It doesn’t work well in daylight and doesn’t have a built-in wifi.

  6. i love the interior of your entire apartment. I’m so glad you did a post like this 🙂 how long did you save up before getting your own apartment. I’m turning 22 next year and i’d love to eventually have a place of my own by that time but have no idea where to start. any advice??

    • cloudedhue

      Start saving up now! You’ll need to pay deposit and your first month rent when you move in and then pay for rent and bills each month. I would research the price around the area you’re trying to live in and save up at least for the deposit and four months rent.

  7. Awesome place, I’ve noticed the simplistic look has become more and more popular lately. Personally, I’ve gone with a more modern/factory feel (a lot of steel and black and grey).

  8. I love how you transform the couch from simple and elegant to cozy with blankets and pillows 🙂 such an inspiring area to relax in! I’m getting plenty of ideas from this

  9. I’ve been looking for a rug and I really like this one. What size is yours?
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. I love your living room, very chic! I wanted to know the size of your rug? I was actually looking at the same rug for my living room and I could not decide on the size :).

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