Recap of my weekend getaway & helpful insights if you’ve never been on a cruise.

I know Fall is here but luckily, I had an extension of summer by cruising to the Bahamas! This was actually my very first time on a cruise and it was for my cousin’s bachelorette party.  Moreover, it was the first time my cousins and I got together in years so I was super excited.  In this blog post, I’ll be sharing photos from my trip.  Additionally, if you’ve never been on a cruise before, I’ll share helpful insights on how to book one, activities on the cruise, and a review of my experience.



Booking The Cruise

To begin, the process was pretty easy to book a cruise.  All you have to do is pick a destination, sail date, room accommodation, and where you want to sail from.  This usually starts with some Googling to explore options.  For my cousin’s bachelorette, we went on Carnival Victory’s ship and booked it through their website (  Next, we bought our own flights to get to the Miami dock where we boarded the ship (cruise and flights are sold separately).

cute towel origami

Day 1 – Boarding

My cousins and I all flew in from different places to Miami on Friday morning.  After meeting up, we all checked in around 3pm then we explored around the ship.  There were a lot of amenities like pools, Jacuzzis, spas with a sauna and steam room, gym, buffet diner, actual dining place, and a theater out on the deck.  Overall, the cruise seemed to have everything we needed for a fun and relaxing bachelorette.

IMG_8452 IMG_8453

Day 2 – Beach Day

We made it to Nassau, Bahamas and headed straight to the beach.IMG_0635




Afterwards, we got back on the ship for dinner — my favorite part! The servers are really fun and gave excellent service.  I love how they did so many cute performance like singing and dancing for everyone.  Super cute!!  Did I mention the food was also really good?


Later that night, we also went to some comedy shows and a night club.

Day 3 – Relaxing on the ship

After Saturday night, I think it was safe to say that we all needed to slow down and relax.  We spent most of our day lounging on the deck and watching men’s hairy chest contest and other entertaining shows.  One of my favorites was an 80s/90s themed party.  Some DJ’s played random music where everyone could guess the song and the DJ’s would give a performance.  They played jams from Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, and everyone on the ship partied.  I loved it.




Overall, I think the cruise ship was really fun and a great deal.  Meals were already included in our ticket and the only additional costs we had were for gratuity, drinks, excursion activities, photos, and other activities on the ship. I recommend everyone to go if you haven’t been on one yet!

Lastly but most importantly, the best part about my trip was probably the girls that I was with.  I think it’s always the people that makes the place and my cousins made this an amazing experience for me.  I was so happy to be with them and I can’t wait til the day we all get together again.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! 😀 I went on a Carnival cruise a few years ago, and unfortunately, I got a little seasick, so I spent most of my time in bed 🙁 Hahaha I definitely need to go again in the near future (with proper medication of course) so I can really enjoy everything again!

    XO, Elizabeth

  2. I, too, have never went on a cruise before and I really want to! My bf promised that he will plan one for me on my bday next year, but who knows if that will happen.. But I am so glad you enjoyed your mini vacay at the Bahamas, such a beautiful place 💕

    Beautiful shots too 😀

  3. Hang, please please please film a everyday makeup video! I know you have a post about your makeup, but I really want to see the process and all! You are so amazingly gorgeous by the way <3

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