Your body will thank you later.

One of my biggest summer projects has been upgrading my room and taking better care of myself – especially where I sleep (the bed).  They say we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed so why not invest in it as much as we do on our clothes and shoes?

When I first moved in to my apartment, I bought blankets, sheets, and pillows based significantly on price.  Although it’s been okay for a year, I noticed how I never actually sleep on the pillows because it hurts my neck.  Consequently, I toss and turn a lot, making it difficult to get a good night’s rest.

Since working at The Company Store, a bedding company, I’ve learned how I can sleep better by choosing the right type of support and material to fit my needs.  As a side sleeper, I needed a firm pillow to fill in the distance between the ear and outside shoulder.  However, I’m also a back and stomach sleeper, which means I needed a soft pillow.  My need sounds really difficult, being that I needed a really soft yet firm pillow.  Fortunately, my coworkers introduced me to the company’s latest product called the “LaCrosse® LoftAire Pillow”.


LaCrosse® LoftAire Pillow

The first time I touched this pillow, I was very impressed at how soft it was.  Soon after, I had the opportunity to film the pillow cut open for a video project.  You can check out the video on this page, it basically gives you detailed information on why this pillow beats the top competitor.  The insides literally felt and looked like a cloud.  I really loved it so I had to get 2 LaCrosse® LoftAire Pillows for me and my boyfriend.  We’ve been sleeping like babies ever since.  It’s honestly a huge difference that both Kyle and I can feel.


Black Label Primaloft Comforter

Next, I replaced my old comforter with The Company Store’s Black Label Primaloft Comforter in medium weight.  It fulfilled my dream of having a white comforter like in hotels. The medium warmth is light enough to let me sleep comfortably during these hot summer nights.  Yet, I know it’ll also keep me warm during the colder months.


Overall, the comforter and pillows are my main two upgrades that’s improved my quality of sleep significantly (I didn’t even know it was possible to sleep THIS good).  I find it so important to invest in products like these because it lasts longer and does the health more good.  If you’re having any sleeping troubles, or your parents are, or if you want to treat yourself, check these products out!

LaCrosse® LoftAire Pillow / Black Label Primaloft Comforter

In collaboration with The Company Store

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  1. All white, that wave picture at the back, a small plant by the side…so PEACEFULLL
    Giving me some kinda beach house vibe.

    But that comforter tho…I can’t forget thIt looks so soft 😭

    • Hang

      Yes!! Beach House is my inspo. And that comforter is the besssst. Check them out 💕

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